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Goddess Matters
b. 1975.
Sydney Australia

Jelena Mrkich is a Visionary Artist, Artisan, Art Therapist, Empowerment Teacher, Workshop Facilitator, Intuitive, Designer and Creative Consultant based in Sydney, Australia. Born with an innate desire to express life through creativity, she has a deep passion for soul-empowering and visionary projects and a world that honours the sacredness in love, truth and real beauty. 

Graduating from Billy Blue School of Graphic Design & Advertising in 1994, Jelena has worked as both an in-house and freelance graphic designer. In 1998 she broadened her design skills, becoming a self-taught web developer/designer. Jelena has also studied at Il Bisonte International School of Graphic Arts in Florence, Italy specialising in the old traditional techniques of print-making, including mono-print, chine colle and etching.

In 1998 at only 22, Jelena courageously walked away from her secure job, stepping into the entrepreneurial world where she could more fully express her natural creative abilities and ideas. She founded Mesha, developing and designing a range of enviro-friendly hand-made products. From 2000 Jelena was also the co-creator of journaling website Wakimbo, an online inspirational sanctuary supporting people to become more of who they really are filled with empowering exercises and content. Wakimbo also produced Australia’s first brand of journals specifically marketed as tools for personal growth. The journals were designed and handmade by Jelena. 

Jelena has been a part of numerous creative collaborations, over a dozen group exhibitions and three solo shows including Dive (Zambullida), her 2007 European debut at Harmonia, Spain's new media festival. In 2007, when expanding her creative toolbox, Jelena began to facilitate artistic workshops, many of which were run at Bear Cottage Children's Hospice in Manly (Sydney, Australia). She was invited to sit on the Artists in Motion board and enrolled into Transpersonal Art Therapy diploma studies at the College of Complementary Medicine.

During this creatively energetic period Jelena experienced a period of physical fatigue requiring long bouts of rest and introspection. This turned out to be a gem in disguise as it fueled a deeper connection to her creative intuition. In 2008 she was asked to facilitate soul sessions and energy healings at Namaste Inner Light, a metaphysical store and healing centre in Sydney, Australia which also displays and sells Jelena's visionary artwork. Extending on the teachings of her mum and energy worker Miki Mrkich (1951-2002), Jelena has studied various creative and healing modalities and holds Reiki II and Colour Therapy I certificates. 

Jelena's artwork is an exploration of the beauty of the universe, both within us and out. This is profoundly shown through her digital and mixed media pieces. Other mediums of choice include digital photography, photographic manipulations, wax encaustic, life drawing and body painting. Jelena's work has been featured as the cover art for publications in Australia, USA and Europe, and has been used globally on an album cover and book cover.

After completing her Diploma in Transpersonal Art Therapy Jelena launched several creative projects including; Chakrascopes, The Art of Being You, Soul Work Sessions, Mama Goddess Sessions and a cup of CreativiTea

In 2013 Jelena has had her artwork featured in the I CAN WE CAN exhibition in San Pedro (Cal, USA). She currently publishes weekly creative goodness; Intuited Sketches with a message for the week ahead (every Monday) and Creative Nudge Fridays (every Friday!). Both of these can be found her blog, Facebook Page and Instagram. This November Jelena is excited to be teaching her new ecourse, A Return to Self. A 5 week journey back to your centre.

Jelena's work brings into view that which might not be ordinarily visible to the human eye. Is it true? The truth is in your own heart


2007-09 Transpersonal Art Therapy Diploma
2008 Reiki Healing Level 1 & 2
2008 Colour Therapy Level 1
Mixed media with Debby Waters and Mignon parker
2007 Figurative painting with Kathrin Longhurst
2006 Evolutionary Enlightenment studies
2005 Mono-print, chine collè, drypoint and etching at Il Bisonte, Florence, Italy
2003-2004 Life drawing
1992-present Independent studies in jewellery making


2013 Jelena's positive change message was translated in five different languages and featured in the I CAN WE CAN exhibition in San Pedro (Cal, USA).
For Art's Sake, FRANS Annual Fundraising Exhibtion
2011 Art on a Platter, Manly Arts Festival
2010 'Art with Bear Cottage' workshop facilitator
Art IM board member & artists network event coordinator
2006 Art IM artists exhibition coordinator



© Copyright Jelena Mrkich 2013.