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Goddess Matters

Since ancient time painting and adorning the skin has been a ritual to honour the physical form, celebrate the self and the life stages one journey's through and arrives at ~ an essence Jelena consciously weaves into her Mama Goddess belly painting sessions consciously designed for mum's-to-be.

for the mum-to-be 

Transform your growing belly into a live work of sacred art
Experience a creative, therapeutic & nurturing time-out!
Connect to your own inner child while you hand colour your chosen design on paper (to be painted on you by Jelena)  
Celebrate your growing belly full of life with your own personalised design 
Honour your female form via the ancient ritual of body painting  
Gain a lasting memory of your pregnancy and its current stage
Receive beautiful photos of your experience as a keepsake for yourself, which you can also shared with your loved ones  

for the lil' one

A personalised work of sacred art celebrating their creation
It seems they too get a kick out of the nurturing experience, as lil' ones have been known to follow the brush during the painting process!  



Copyright Jelena Mrkich 2013.