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What pregnancy stage can be painted?

The comfort of the mum-to-be is what matters. As a recommendation the earliest stage for painting a pregnant belly is from 3 months onwards. To date, the latest stage Jelena has worked with is a 38 week pregnant belly.

What do I wear?

Comfortable clothes, with easy access to the belly (only the belly needs exposing during the session). You might like to keep in mind the painted belly will be photographed. 

What does the session happen?

From The Sunroom at The Farm (yep, a real farm complete with chickens, horses and sheep!) on Sydney's northern beaches.

Can I bring my partner/friend?

Yes if you like. Some mums-to-be prefer a personal session with themselves for experience some self time. Others prefer to have their partner, a family member or a friend come along to share in the experience.

What paint do you use?

Non toxic, water soluble skin friendly body paints. If you are aware of a skin allergy please inform Jelena prior to booking.

How long will the art last?

The painted piece lasts up to a day, depending on individual movement and activity. Some mum's have chosen to kept their painting on all day, and sleep with it over night and wash it off the next day.

Are there special washing instructions?

Gently wash the skin with warm soapy water and a soft body sponge. 



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