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"As I was reaching week 36 of my pregnancy, I decided to do something special for Mother's Day and what a better gift than to celebrate this day with a belly painting session!!! I was right, the whole experience was wonderful. My family accompanied us that day, so everyone could be part of the process, from choosing the design and deciding on the colours to being part of the experience. Jelena was always nice and thoughtful, so the process was full of good vibes. While I was getting painted, my baby was wiggling all the time, I know he could feel the meaning of the session, giving and receiving love via the sacred artwork being painted on my belly.
I like to think this is my Mandala (concentric diagrams that have spiritual and ritual significance in both Buddishm and Hinduism), that represents the universe, giving protection, love and happiness to my little one. In general the day was magical and unforgettable. Thanks Jelena for helping us to reach such a beautiful stage and for celebrating with us my pregnant belly full of LIFE!"
- Carolina Olmos, Belly painted at 36 weeks

"Thank you so much Jelena, I had a great time, I highly recommend it, to mums-to-be, it's such a lovely experience I couldn't stop showing off my belly today. You are an amazing artist and person. I'm so glad that I did it. xxx"
- Midori Campbell, Belly painted at 38 weeks

"The belly painting session turned my whole day into a lovely celebration of my belly and the little life curled up in there. I felt very special and honored. Jelena made sure that the experience was very positive, & both calm & exciting. I enjoyed the preparation process, drinking tea, choosing colours and colouring in the design Ė something that made me feel like a child again, and as the paint was applied I giggled. The final result was so vibrant, balanced and beautiful. I loved it, as did all my family and now I have a million photos of my colourful belly at that stage of my pregnancy which is a fantastic memory. In the evening, I didnít want to wash it off, so I let the art work age & crack and found it looked like an ancient temple. Thank you Jel for a beautiful experience." 
- Natalie, Belly painted at 15 weeks

"Having my belly painted seemed like a great way to treasure my time of being pregnant and having a souvenir of my belly to keep and show to my baby later on. At the time, the process was so relaxing and a great experience for the body and soul. Thanks to Jelena, who made it an enjoyable and rewarding experience and allowed me to take the direction and creative expression I felt I needed to at the time. If you're lucky to be pregnant, then take a chance to truly savour this time and book yourself in for a session" 
- Sanja Durdevic, Belly painted at 36 weeks



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