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The creation of a birth beads necklace is way to honour the process of a mum-to-be, acknowledge the journey of a dad-to-be, hold sacred the birthing experience and celebrate the approaching arrival of a new 'lil one on mother earth.

the making of a birthing necklace 

Sit in a circle and gather your beads and thread. One by one, thread on blessings, kind thoughts, warm wishes, positive prayers, good vibes and love. You can say why you chose each bead, the meaning you give it and the message it holds. This can be shared aloud or said quietly within. This is a beautiful ritual to do during other celebrations such as a baby shower or as an event in its own right with a close circle of loved ones. Once the necklace is complete, the birth beads can be worn by the mama or kept close during the birth as a reminder, source of strength and focus tool that holds all the beautiful blessings for her. 

ways to gather your birth beads

Choose the materials (beads and thread) yourself
Ask a loved one to organise all the materials
Request that everyone brings their own beads for this ritual
Suggest a bead swap with your mother's group, or
Purchase Jelena's Birth Beads & Thread Kit, specifically designed for this simple yet powerful ritual.

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Jelena's Birth Beads & Thread Kit with ready-go-go materials, are inspired by an element of your choosing; Earth, Wood, Fire, Water or Ether. The above kit was created using Wood inspired tones.




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