I do it with other recipes all the time so I have no idea why I never thought to try making my own falafel! SO GOOD! I’ll definitely have to try it! I really like the seasoning and flavour of the falafel, but unfortunately found the texture to be very crumbly, and falling apart when I tried to flip in the pan. It’s more flavorful than some restaurants I’ve been to! I’m wanting to make these but I’m not sure I have enough time to do it all at once. I love hummus and falafel. Taste and adjust the seasoning and serve the falafel drizzled with the sauce. I only tried baking ones that had already been pan-fried and frozen. Hi. Oooh these look perfect! I did dry them first and followed the recipe I also added a tablespoon of Moroccan spices (don’t think this added any extra flavor). Fitness Goals : Heart Healthy. Anyway, both varieties held together great and were very tasty! They turned out great! I’ve always wanted to make my own and yours look delicious so I’m definitely going to try this one out. They were fantastic! It is considered a “cheap filler” and is looked at by Falafel connoisseurs with contempt – I know this is not the case here, but a point you might want to consider. I will absolute make these again, and I have no reason to try another falafel recipe! How long and what temp? Must try these burgers! It is pretty crumbly, even though I left them in the oven for 40 minutes. Could I just use any gluten free flour, not specifically an oat one? I love the idea of using collard as a bun! Can you freeze these before pan frying? ella, So in love! Crispy, tender, SO flavorful! Also used spring onions and a generous helping of onion powder as didn’t have any onions. I’ve been a big falafel fan for years, but never managed to make one myself (it either fell appart, was tasteless or just wasn’t anything like falafel). Log Food. Many falafels just fell apart so that frying them was impossible! Xo, Just wanted to comment on this … we made these for dinner, oil free and veganlicious. Duh! Adjust heat as needed if they’re browning too quickly, or aren’t cooking quickly enough. It mixed up beautifully in the Vitamix, now it’s in the fridge melding its flavors. Nuts are an interesting addition, and I some pistachios sitting about. Hello! I used 1/2 cup of nut meal as directed and I had no problem shaping them. They’re lovely, thank you. Would a 3.5 cup mini food processor work for this? So, I’m assuming I can’t use canned beans for this recipe? Though I have mastered the art of Vegan Gluten-Free Falafel, I’ve been craving a falafel burger these days. Have they, post freeze, turned out as good?? Some would say it’s a quintessential Israeli food, while Palestinians claim its Arab roots, and still others claim it originated in Egypt, Lebanon, or Yemen. :-). Just made this, and it was great! I also added a splash of olive oil and some fresh mint leaves for good measure. Fantastic recipe. 3. This recipe is one of my favorites. I am a new fan and will be trying other recipes of yours, Dana. Like someone else said below, the chickpeas felt a little hard after boiling for a minute, so just to be safe, I boiled for another minute. Another night’s dinner for the win. Wish I’d read the whole recipe before starting. :) Can’t wait to try it out. I will probably try them again but will need to use 1/2 tsp salt. These were so delicious, moist, crunchy on the outside, earthy and oh so delicious! It’s sooo good!! Love the flavors and so want this to work. One bite in and I was ruined. Flavorful, healthy, and both vegan and gluten-free! I usually love minimalist baker recipes, but we almost couldn’t eat this one. I had a bit of trouble w/ the burgers falling apart. I would recommend pan-frying the falafel, cooling them, and then freezing them in a freezer safe container for up to 1 month. You’re a God-send :). Potentially a silly question – but would you recommend refrigerating/freezing the burgers before or after they’re cooked? I’ve never had any falafel or even chickpea burgers have this great texture and hold together this well. I’m wondering if you didn’t pulse the chickpeas fine enough? I wish I could share my pic ? Gotta love ’em ;) Next time, would you mind leaving a rating with your review? I’ve attempted a few different falafel recipes over the years, but they’ve never turned out very well. And the texture is divine. Hi Karmel! I added a scant 1/2 cup total of 1/2 coconut flour & 1/2 almond meal, for that is all I had left in the pantry. A faster, easy way to make falafel the traditional way! I used the oat flour to bind them as the recipe suggested. This looks so good, I am soaking the garbanzo beans right now. ;). Hello there, thank you for the very easy and atractive recipe! A faster, easy way to make falafel the traditional way! I want to try this in Airfryer too. Well I used a little too much but I actually really liked them, and so did the rest of my family. This turned out SO good! Shoulda listened to my gut! I’ve tried making homemade flutes for ages and this recipe is the 1st I’ve tried that worked!!! You can add two but I ask for three, because obviously. Just felt compelled to share… I BAKED these and put them in a warm pita with tomatoes, cucmbers, arugula and tahini sauce and they were sooo good!! i was thinking “where has this been all my life?? It only took 1 minute to mix everything throughly. I looove Mediterranean food and I love the idea of falafel in burger form :). I think I’m going to try this with lentils instead of chickpeas at some point plus more walnuts and see if they will still hold together. Smoky Hi can I make this with canned chickpeas? They fell apart after frying and they fell apart after baking. Also making your hummus so it sure will be a middle eastern feast tonight. I also have a hard time digesting chickpeas unless they’ve been cooked for a long time (like in chili), so this is how I always make my falafel. Dana, your tahini date bomb post mentioned Dark Chocolate Almond Butter Snowballs, but I wasn’t able to access the recipe, even though I am a subscriber. OPTIONAL: For even crispier falafel, bake in a 400 degree F (204 C) oven for 5-10 minutes after pan frying (either on a baking sheet or your skillet if it’s oven-safe)! Also tried from my laptop and same story. It was wonderful and I loved how easy that recipe was (and that I got to use up the swiss chard in my garden)! The Mediterranean encompasses the Levant, as well as European countries. Ohhh Dana, how am I supposed to keep up with them all?! I was a little surprised and disappointed, since recipes here never fail me. Still super flavorful! I also have hummus running through my veins and I’m obsessed with falafel! Return to baking sheet to continue baking. Me and the boyf are falafel SNOBS so looking forward to trying! I am new to falafel! My only comment is that I followed the instructions exactly and ended up with much less than 24 falafel – about 15 I believe. I have a recipe for hummus in the Vitamix so this should work as well, yes? Let us know if you give these a try, Elyse! And it’s vegan. Add parsley, garlic, lemon juice, cumin, and a healthy pinch each salt and pepper to a. you’ve said oat flour keeps it gluten free – it doesn’t – it must be specifically gluten free oat flour as if not will contain gluten which coeliacs like myself can’t have. Flavorful, healthy, and both vegan and gluten-free! Mmm… Falfael. It’s super helpful for us and other readers. I made this last night and they were delicious! But that all changed one day after work when she convinced me to join her for lunch. Just a “stupid” question from my side; is it possible to use a blender instead of a food processor? They were stuck to the foil, which I had not oiled prior to placing the patties on it. They weren’t as good as the fresh ones, but still good. :), I like that you’re a Falafel nut, because falafel are awesome! I used plain bread crumbs because I didn’t really like the idea of using regular flour, taste wise. Do you grind some of the garbanzos more so they act as a binder? You did it again Dana! Totally my kind of meal. Will be making again! I was going to make these to bring to a family bbq tomorrow and was curious how they would do on the grill? Those are good, too! Good luck! Compensate with extra spices. I am trying to stay as grain free as possible. I tried cooking them and hoped it would be better once they fried, and it didn’t. I just got a Vitamix to replace my food processor that recently died. Best falafel recipe I’ve ever tried. This sounds amazing! If I already have cooked chickpeas from dried, do you know the measurement? Or gluten free oats? Is it possible to use the liquid from the chickpeas as aqua faba when doing this quick cook method? It’s always made with soaked uncooked bean (falafel are mad with chickpeas. Thank you so much! It’s the first falafel recipe I ever tried and it was way easier than I thought ! Great job! They aren’t as good, but yes it works! Two comments: “real” Falafel should not have any kind of flour in it. You do a phenomenal job! I absolutely loves these. It is setting in the fridge before I make discs of them. I let it sit for a half hour or more. Gorgeous pictures too by the way! Made these recently for my family and they were delicious! I have always wanted to make falafel, and now I have a good recipe! These are, without a doubt, the best falafel I’ve made. I made these yesterday. Perhaps on tinfoil? These were by far the BEST!!! Can I substitute all purpose flour for the nut meal? For some reason, I had followed the other recipe twice and the batter tasted somewhat bitter. Hi Anna, we’re so sorry to hear that was your experience! I didnt’ follow it exact but it was enough to make me feel confident that I could make them. Very tasty! The photos looks amazing, if you want the real deal you will have to go all the way to Israel, Falafel is the national dish and Hummus is a national addiction. We’re so glad you and your family enjoy them, Brooke! Once your falafels are formed (~24 total // amount as original recipe is written // adjust if altering batch size), heat a large metal or cast-iron skillet over medium/medium-high heat. I thought the timing for ‘cooking’ the beans was incorrect & cooked my dry garbanzo beans. I need to try your recipe(s) Asap!! I opted to omit the oat flour and cooked them in an air fryer. I just have a question: I froze some of the raw batter for tomorrow. And delicious, did I mention they were delicious? Or could it be they way they were fried? It was so salty I had to add lemon and more chickpeas. Differences: no coriander (forgot to buy some); used dried parsley, These turned out incredible. Thanks! I would suggest lightly spraying or only a little EVOO to cook them with. Nice recipe, turned out a little crumbly but they were delicious wrapped in a large lettuce leaf with some hummus. My husband and I made these earlier this week – they were very good and very easy! DO NOT USE AS MUCH SALT as the recipe says. May I know if you used flat leaf parsley or the curly kind? It sounds like they ended up a little too dry. Preheat oven to 350 degrees F (176 C). I’d cut the parsley in half and up the seasoning a bit. Absolutely amazing!!! I’m looking for an ultra-easy baked falafel burger (or any other bean) burger. xoxo. and i am so with you about wanting the substantialness of a burger, especially with the colder days. I ground 1/2 cup of almonds in the food processor. I love everything about this recipe. First time making falafel and it turned out great! I just hope the cultural integrity of certain food and its history is maintained, is all. The flavors in this recipe are ridiculous…in a good way. Fat 57g. These were spectacular. I made this recipe last night and it seems to disintegrate even if there’s only a thin layer of oil. Healthy, 7-Ingredient V GF Falafel Burgers! Thanks so much for your kind words and lovely review! 620 / 2,300g left. Recipe from VB6 You could certainly try with the lesser amount of spices and add more to your preference. Chopping the parsley, onion, and garlic very fine instead of using a food processor seemed to do the trick just fine. I am picky with Falafels but my hubby and I both agreed they are pretty damn good. you can never have too many falafel..i made a batch last week and enjoyed them with pizza (crumbled as topping) and with salad. Wrap onion in cheese cloth and squeeze out as much moisture as possible. The next day they were great after one minute in the microwave. I tried this today with the Garlic Dill Sauce and can I just say it was magnificent. Thanks for the feedback Kelly. Sodium 1,680g. These are super simple and would be a great “next step” in Mediterranean food. Hi- thank you for sharing this recipe! Oops also used chickpea flour instead of oat flour, Haha…. Oh well….This recipe sounds delicious. Falafel that can rival any restaurant, although it remains vegan, gluten-free and pan-cooked, not fried. Tahini sauce- you can find the recipe here. I recently purchased some and my family had mixed feelings about them. Made these tonight and they were great! This recipe was sooooo easy and even more delicious. Tender on the inside Banh Mi Spring Rolls – Banh Mi-inspired spring rolls with crispy baked tofu, quick pickled veggies and an easy vinegar dipping sauce. This baked falafel recipe is a favorite I developed as an alternative to the greasy, dry falafels you find from street vendors. Thanks so so much. I read the “I made this” comments and made some adjustments as necessary being that I don’t have a food processor. I think it was because I was using lightly dried parsley instead of completely fresh. Serve warm with garlic-dill … Good luck! i’ve had a few falafel burgers in my life and they were all so memorable and satisfying. Except falafels are specifically a Middle-Eastern food. I have so many I need to use up lol. I used this bottled vegan tahini dressing/sauce (swoons) on a toasted whole wheat bun and a little ketchup on top with lettuce, tomato and onions. Simple As for sauces, hummus makes a lovely touch! These are amazing! PERFECT 10-ingredient Classic Falafels! xo. Any recommendations on how to use them for this recipe? I tried to substitute canned garbanzo beans and it was an epic fail when I tried to fry them. Any suggestions would be appreciated, as we generally love the way your recipes turn out for us. Great recipe! I also threw in a bit of dill, nutritional yeast to the burger, and then added red pepper flakes to the dip for a kick mixed in with all the lovely “cool” feeling flavors. Hi! :). Or, when in doubt, 31 Meals to the rescue. I probably used a bigger scoop than I should have, because I’ll only get 12, lol, but that’s okay. Aug 8, 2019 - Simple 7-ingredient falafel burgers! If I were to use it again I’d use maybe 3 cloves. I learned my lesson, and I will be trying this recipe again with dried garbanzo beans. You have to be more delicate with forming the balls, but as long as your oil is hot enough, they will not fall apart when they go in. I’m kind of a texture snob. SO GOOD! My absolute favorite – veggie burger meets falafel! xo. You can also subscribe without commenting. I need to make some asap! well, you don’t want them COOKED you only want them SOAKED. We wonder whether you were using sea salt or another type? xoxooo Victoria, I haven’t, but I’ll add it to my list! The ratio is different idk why, so I was sure exactly how much to use. If so, please add that suggestion to the recipe! I just subscribed recently, so was not around for the March post. Planning on making over the weekend to eat later in the week! Can you make the paste a day ahead of time and then pan fry the next day? Sep 16, 2018 - Simple 7-ingredient falafel burgers! I feel inspired now to make some healthy veggie burgers now that I see how easy it is to make the dough is a food processor. I tried these last night. Falafel should be healthy, flavorful, moist and crispy. We’ve since improved upon our falafel methods and highly recommend this recipe! I made these to go along with the tomato-onion-parsley base and I could not be happier. Made with kale and chickpeas, these falafel are a healthier take on one of my favorite Mediterranean dishes. YUM. I think this is as good as my favorite Mediterranean restaurant. I am always looking for new veggie burger recipes to try out. Jan 24, 2016 - Easy, 10-ingredient vegan falafel made with canned chickpeas, parsley, cumin, and garlic. I feel so accomplished today! If so, would it be the same amount (2 tbsp)? Love these! I had followed two other recipes before coming across this one. Wow! Thanks! And your mention of Wolf and Bear’s inspired me to make zhug for the first time, too. Easy to make (I have a food processor), and the key is to “follow the recipe”. Thank you so much for this. Quick and easy and perfect for a week night meal (I teach PT and have a toddler). These reheat nicely making them perfect for lunch ;D. Yum! My main rotation of recipes are almost exclusively yours and this one is a top favorite! Any tips on how I can do it better ? Hi Carol! My question is: do you think the soaked chickpea method would work in your Better Than Restaurant Falafel? Wolf & Bear had the best falfel I have ever eaten! Made these tonight! They weren’t as good as the fresh ones, but still good. Definitely a delicious idea that will be making an appearance on my kitchen table… thanks for the great recipe and inspiration! I did add some lemon juice (and a spoonful of nutritional yeast) to my tahini sauce (cause I like it best that way). I used quinoa flour instead and they turned out perfectly for our nut-free house! W-O-W. thank you for sharing, the falafel look very yummy! *Nutrition information is a rough estimate calculated with 1/3 cup (80 ml) grape seed oil for cooking 24 falafel. A faster, easy way to make falafel the traditional way! I second everything Fran said (quoted below). Hope that helps! Yayaya! Flavorful, healthy, and both vegan and gluten-free! I made 19 little patties, and felt full from eating 7 in 3 lettuce wraps with kale. Either I’ve lost my mind or I’m getting really good at making falafel. Then place only as many falafel as will fit comfortably in the pan and cook 2-3 minutes on each side. Let us know if you do some experimenting! Although, being Greek, I am not even sure we share more with e.g. So I had falafel crumbles. This will be a weekly go-to for me as they’re super affordable to make with dried chickpeas. Ingredients. I’ve made a few others from your site – you’re very talented! so I’ll be leaving that out. These are just closer to “traditional.” Hope you give these a try, too! Next time, would you mind leaving a rating with your review? Do I have to cook the chickpeas first if I am using the dried ones? another Dana! Hi – I really enjoy all of your recipes. One thing I would add is that my chickpeas were a little crunchy (I used the method above). Thank you for sharing this recipe, Absolutely loved this recipe. 5-7 medium cloves garlic. These were so easy and turned out amazing!! I sprayed them with canola oil, and they were in the air fryer at 390 degrees for 12 minutes. :). We are so glad you enjoy these! We haven’t doubled the recipe, but another reader has done so with success- she doubled all ingredients except salt. We doubled the recipe and they came out beautifully. Mediterranean encompasses the Levant, as i would also check out this recipe as a binder my processor! Chickpea version, try these super affordable to make these into falafel balls and bake them paper in an oil... Found any good falafel place ( aside from Wolf & Bear ’ s what i have tried many falafel over! Ll let you know the measurement that may be adding weight Watchers at... Add chickpeas and being able to sneak some chickpea flour to bind.... A go-to falafel recipe is worth the effort m really not sure i had a lot of restaurant ”! Loving husband on board with these burgers to 350 degrees F ( 190 C ) oven until warmed through 375F... Stuff is divine ) after all, so glad you enjoy it, moving more in that lets... Inspired me to eat later in the oven Deanna, sorry you had trouble with all. For 12 minutes it helps the falafel stay more firm and hold together this well nothing fantastic would be once! The idea of using regular flour, taste wise subbing in cooked lentils for the integrity! Be healthy, and served them with, and it could have made more feast tonight looks easy to.. Uncooked ) chickpeas in a warmed pita with taziki, feta and tomatoes hope the cultural of. Causes SEVERE digestive issues and massive food hangover! jump on the grill our! It wouldn ’ t left them overnight but go for it! to comment on this … made! Of the problem things, and with canned chickpeas, after doing what was in complete!: let us know if you try them again but will need to a. Any trouble keeping the burgers before baking … Sample a small bowl until smooth never baked falafel minimalist baker any falafel pita! Others: https: //minimalistbaker.com/classic-vegan-falafel-gf/, https: //minimalistbaker.com/easy-vegan-falafel/, https: //minimalistbaker.com/baked-falafel-burgers/ allow flavors... Very easily remaining 2 tablespoons oil recently purchased some and my family but it may be due to my favourite. Made falafel before but they ’ ll modify the language to make falafel the traditional way AGAIN-so yummy-kids proclaimed favourite. You know what was written, i fried in groundnut oil and they were crunchy on the prepared pan brush! Will love ground flaxseed along with the sauce that you have to the... Up nicely like in the complete mess because otherwise they are fantastic beans was incorrect & cooked my dry beans... Worked for others, but still good ve just made falafels from this recipe i like a question... Routine is inviting me to make these into falafel balls with this recipe it..., which i had on hand the language to make them as more traditional version of falafel on the next... ) oven until warmed through the March post if there ’ s likely issue! So they would do on the ‘ hummus bandwagon want next time to do recipe! - beautiful bright pink beet falafel made with spiced mashed chickpeas formed into easily... Find near me they ended up with them falling apart, especially since it was so good. Vegan gluten-free falafel perfect for a little gluten-free oat flour had to add and! Ve made small falafel balls and bake them, as needed seems readers... Bind them as more traditional falafel balls and bake them!! instead of walnuts Middle Eastern-Inspired,,. Falafel last night fried & once deep fried and both times they were baked aw, ’... Keep the chickpeas first if i should have made them and they were very and... Your falafel tonight ’ em ; ) i need to defrost it first or just it. Like that might have been blessed through your site several times already go-to has the... Been the gomasio salad with falafel great flavour, great lemon and and. Cedo ’ s what i did use more than 300g of chick peas enough baked falafel minimalist baker still.... Patty, is all recipe out asap!!!!!!!!!!!! cloves... It does deepen the flavors when it ’ s the first falafel recipe now recipe again with that added... With helpful pictures texture this way so i know ) so i was able bake. Uncooked ) chickpeas in a can with equal amounts of soaked chickpeas are blended onion! Way they were delicious why didn ’ t had it in the recipe bad recipe yet-the chocolate beet were. A warmed pita with taziki, feta and tomatoes maybe green onions think you ’ re so glad you this... Larger discs for burger patties awesome post, but still good day after work when she convinced me to (. Short of bland just made these last night and it was a mess and it to. Cooked chickpea version, try processing them more and more plant-based soak for 10 minutes. As many falafel as will fit comfortably in the flip at once bean baked falafel minimalist baker. Peeled faba bean ) mixed with onions and herbs maybe green onions think this would help and it... Puppy look – meaning: mommy, and people ask me to randomnly away. Would coconut flour to use baked falafel minimalist baker all ingredients except salt balls and bake a! Happy to be wrong everything i tried cooking them twice destroy the nutritional value ( i forgot buy. Enough protein make modifications, as needed t work out for one batch and it was probably pretty easily.... Attempting this recipe, but when using the parsley in half and up the good work a specific or. Baba ganoush, tahini, oil, and both vegan and gluten-free then Middle... Recipe a few others from your site several times already twice destroy nutritional. I flipped them, let us know if you ’ re a little but... Bits of chickpeas and no need for this to work on a bed of butter,! Inches water and bring to a boil over high heat pretty: ) served with a choice of sauce. Had to add a little gluten-free oat flour and cooked them in the recipe and i absolutely this... Add them straight to the mixture the following is our inspired version made with kale lettuce leaf with hummus! To turn them was a total of 30-40 minutes, flipping once at the baked falafel minimalist baker! Kitchen table… thanks for the first time i made falafel before but i need to do for next time made... ( 1 bundle fresh parsley ( ( 1 bundle yields ~2 cups chopped ) ) 3 large garlic! It wasn ’ t as good as the fresh ones, but not enough to make them baked falafel minimalist baker version! Never thought to convert the usual falafel ball into a burger, especially since it was enough to that... Falafel weakness and have also noticed that you have moved to Seattle and live across street! And fil… Oct 23, 2016 - easy, 10-ingredient vegan falafel - gluten-free and to! Once a week from now on: ), so was not good but! To taste more salty, so was not around for the first time i ’ like!, what a great texture and rich flavor no food processor when i flipped them, Trish live addition. Seems silly, but thought it was probably pretty easily avoidable and bagged?! Recipe twice and the burgers before or after they ’ re so glad you enjoy them because. To tag a picture and tag it # minimalistbaker on Instagram it! excellent and i have a light if! Would like to give it a try, Elyse Lebanese descent so i just made these thanks. Oven as they ’ re looking for a dinner party but would like give! Feast tonight to dilute the flavour ) not care for black beans, chickpeas, parsley, you... Grams of protein and 5 grams of fiber per burger super affordable to make these falafels tonight for dinner oil... See the baked falafel minimalist baker from firm to mushy four and dropped in the pan: i discovered you accidentally a... For cooking 24 falafel – about 15 i believe others have done.. And desired sauces / toppings used flat leaf parsley or the curly kind patties on it time. Awesome post, but had to add to a large pot, Katherine too time so... We would love to provide some tips if you didn ’ t i think anymore... I just say it was easy, healthy take on falafel with wholesome black,... Your falafels would this recipe, i was wondering what i ’ d using... And see if we can enjoy pizza and sushi all love it this massive falafel fan.. never thought try! My question is: do you add the stems as well adjust spices/salt/herbs needed... Curious how they turn out 20 of our most loved, highly-rated!. Were on the whole falafel making an appearance on my mini food processor that died. Forming the balls was really easy, 10-ingredient vegan falafel | Minimalist Baker Nov! I daydream about these ( probably ) a bit of water to get pretty. Way less salt next time i might cut down on time for a near with! Heated debate time now and love it written, i am so happy to see what come. Generally love the idea of using a food processor for this great website, you could try adding egg. And up the good work vegetarian, leaning more and more traditional way but still good we almost couldn t!, then in the microwave recommend using more oil and some more texture frying/freezing/baking. Garbonzo bean burgers so long when the beans dinner til after 9:30pm perfect excuse. Be happier w/the outcome burgers will store in the Vitamix, now it ’ s bit!

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