[31][30] When Light reneged on his promise of military protection, the Kedah Sultan launched an attempt to recapture the Prince of Wales Island in 1791; the British East India Company subsequently defeated the Kedah forces. Authorities … The city's UNESCO World Heritage Site also covers several important landmarks, including the City Hall, the Penang High Court, St. George's Church, the Eastern & Oriental Hotel and the Central Business District at Beach Street. Penang Climate Action Week 2019 is a programme of events aimed at creating public awareness on climate change, to promote sustainable production and consumption and to promote discourse on climate actions and solutions. [citation needed], Penang International Airport (PEN) is located in Bayan Lepas at the southeast of Penang Island, 16 km (9.9 mi) south of George Town. Construction is expected to start in June 2020. [7][8][9] George Town is also home to a UNESCO World Heritage Site. [213] Dewan Sri Pinang and Penangpac within Straits Quay are two of the major performing venues in the city. The nation's first newspaper was founded in the city – the Prince of Wales Island Gazette in 1806. While shopping malls now dominate the retail scene, centuries-old shophouses are still operating alongside George Town's flea markets and wet markets, all of which cater more to local products, including spices, nutmegs and tau sar pneah, a famous Penang delicacy. Penang practises the Westminster system whereby members of the Penang State Executive Council are appointed from amongst the elected State Assemblymen. [22][23], In the 15th century, Penang Island was referred to as BÄ«nláng Yù[citation needed] (traditional Chinese: 檳榔嶼; simplified Chinese: 槟榔屿; pinyin: bÄ«n láng yǔ; Pe̍h-ōe-jÄ«: pin-nn̂g-sÅ«) in the navigational drawings used by Admiral Zheng He of Ming China. [212], Aside from these, the state has orchestras based in George Town, the Penang Philharmonic Orchestra, Penang Symphony Orchestra, as well as several chamber and school-based musical ensembles. [105], In spite of rapid urbanisation, Penang has still managed to safeguard a considerable area of natural environment. [241] The Star, currently one of Malaysia's top dailies, has its origins as a regional newspaper founded in George Town in the 1970s, while the country's oldest Chinese newspaper, Kwong Wah Yit Poh, was also established in the city in 1910. [2] It has among the nation's highest population densities and is one of the country's most urbanised states. The months between December and March enjoy a cool climate. [37][54][67] The city became a magnet for reputable English authors, Asian intellectuals and revolutionaries, including Rudyard Kipling, Somerset Maugham and Sun Yat-sen.[68][69][70], During World War I, in the Battle of Penang, the German cruiser SMS Emden surreptitiously sailed to Penang Island and sank two Allied warships off its coast. [citation needed], Aside from the colonial era architecture, Penang Island contains most of the skyscrapers within Penang, with the state's tallest buildings all located within the island. Penang formed part of the Straits Settlements in 1826, which became a British crown colony in 1867. [142][148][149] Greater emphasis has been placed on preserving the language's relevance in the face of the increasing influence of Mandarin and English among the youth.[150][151]. The head of state of Penang is the Governor (Malay: Yang di-Pertua Negeri), who is appointed by the King of Malaysia (Malay: Yang di-Pertuan Agong). [44], In 1800, Lieutenant-Governor Sir George Leith secured a strip of hinterland across the Penang Strait and named it Province Wellesley (now Seberang Perai). Average monthly Rainfall, Sunshine, Temperatures. [232] A few of these schools, such as Penang Japanese School and Chinese Taipei School, cater to expatriates of specific nationalities. In 1832, Singapore replaced George Town as the capital of the Straits Settlements. Like the rest of Malaysia, Penang Island has a tropical rainforest climate under the Köppen climate classification (Af), although it also borders on a tropical monsoon climate. [citation needed], The SPICE Arena in Bayan Baru is another major sporting venue within Penang, consisting of an indoor arena and an aquatics centre. Aside from the Penang International Airport, Swettenham Pier, conveniently located within the heart of George Town, has emerged as one of the major tourist entry points into the state. [87][88] They are connected by Malaysia's two longest road bridges, the Penang Bridge and the Sultan Abdul Halim Muadzam Shah Bridge; the latter is also, as of May 2019, the longest oversea bridge in Southeast Asia. The idea of the absorption of Penang into the vast Malay heartland initially proved unpopular amongst Penangites. [2] Most expatriates settle within the vicinity of George Town; the city's northern suburbs, such as Tanjung Tokong, Tanjung Bungah and Batu Ferringhi, are particularly popular. The major cultural and religious festivities in the state include, but not limited to, the Chinese New Year, Eid ul-Fitri, Deepavali, Thaipusam, Vaisakhi, Christmas, Vesak Day and Songkran. [285], Francis, Ric & Ganley, Colin: Penang trams, trolleybuses & railways: municipal transport history, 1880s–1963. 31 [138][139][140] Moreover, the city is also renowned for its more cosmopolitan population, which also comprises indigenous East Malaysians, the Eurasians and the Siamese. Further south, in Pangkor, even in January and … [98][99][100] The latter is being transformed into Gurney Wharf which is a planned seafront park, with land for this purpose currently being reclaimed off Gurney Drive in George TownPenang. [249], Buses now form the backbone of public transportation within Penang. The state consists of Penang Island, Seberang Perai (a narrow strip of the Malay Peninsula) and a handful of smaller islets. In George Town and on Penang Island, January and February are the best months, although they are not as dry as in Langkawi, since rainfall amounts to around 100 mm (4 in) per month. As with other Peninsular states, Islam is the official religion of the State of Penang. These hospitals have also helped Penang to emerge as the centre of Medical tourism in Malaysia. [citation needed], The Nicol David International Squash Centre at Gelugor is one of the major squash training facilities in Malaysia and was reportedly where squash legend Nicol David first trained during her childhood years. Estimated Hours of Sunshine per Day. [121] Even so, other religions are allowed to be practised within the state, contributing to its cosmopolitan society. A resident of Penang is colloquially known as a Penangite or Penang Lang (庇能儂 PÄ«-néeng-lâng) in Penang Hokkien. Date: 16 November … Current weather in Penang and forecast for today, tomorrow, and next 14 days [citation needed], As a popular destination for expatriates, George Town contains a number of international schools as well, such as Uplands International School, Dalat International School, Tenby International School and Hua Xia International School. According to Köppen and Geiger, this climate is classified as Af. [183][184], George Town was formerly the financial centre of British Malaya. Both the mayor of Penang Island and Seberang Perai are appointed by the Penang state government for a two-year term, while the councillors are appointed for one-year terms of office. The 13.5 km (8.4 mi) Penang Bridge, completed in 1985, spans the Penang Strait between Gelugor on the island and Perai on the mainland. [218], The Penang State Museum and Art Gallery in George Town is the state's primary public museum; it houses relics, photographs, maps, and other artefacts that document the history and culture of Penang. STATISTICS The Environment in Numbers. The Emden-Ayesha Adventure: German Raiders in the South Seas and Beyond, 1914. Penang has also hosted the 2018 Asia Pacific Masters Games, the first edition of a Masters Games within Asia. [73][74], Penang Island was subsequently renamed Tojo-to, after Japanese Prime Minister Hideki Tojo. Jan Feb March April May June Jul August Sept Oct Nov Dec; Beach and Sun : Diving : Temperatures Penang Jan Feb March April May June Jul August Sept Oct nov. dec. Min temperature: 75° 75° 77° 77° 77° 77° 75° 75° 75° 75° 75° 75° Max … Penang also consists of nine other islets off its coasts. Annapolis: Naval Institute Press, 2000. [173][174], Penang also has a vibrant retail sub-sector, which employs as many as 24% of Penang's workforce. Narathiwat: 198.0 km fra George Town; Average temperature per month. However, the persistent brain drain, exacerbated by federal government policies that favoured the development of Kuala Lumpur, meant that Penang was no longer at the forefront of the country's economy by the 2000s. To this day, the Malaysian federal government still pays Kedah, on behalf of Penang, RM 10,000 annually as a symbolic gesture. PEAKS AND PARKS Penang’s Ultimate Challenge to Hikers. [159], Since the 1970s, manufacturing has formed the backbone of Penang's economy, contributing 44.8% of the state's GDP as of 2017[update] and attracting as many as 3,000 firms to set up operations within the state. Its capital city, George Town, is located at the northeastern tip of Penang Island. Graduates of RUMC are conferred degrees awarded and recognised by the National University of Ireland. The Penang State Stadium in Batu Kawan is the main stadium within the state, whereas the City Stadium in George Town is the sole stadium within the city. The British government allayed the concerns raised by the secessionists by guaranteeing George Town's free port status, as well as reintroducing municipal elections in George Town in 1951. Opened in 1923, it is also the sole funicular railway system in Malaysia. [144], Tamil is the most widely spoken language amongst Penang's Indian community. [267][268][193] The pier also serves as a homeport for regional-based cruise ships. Seberang Perai is a city in the Malaysian state of Penang.It is situated on the Malay Peninsula opposite Penang Island, bordering Kedah to the north and east and Perak to the south. [283] Penang is also the first Malaysian state to provide its citizens with free internet connection. However, the population growth also led to social problems, such as inadequate sanitation and public health facilities, as well as rampant crime, with the latter culminating in the Penang Riots of 1867. [116], Penang forms the heart of the Greater Penang Conurbation, Malaysia's second biggest conurbation. World War II, on the other hand, led to unparalleled social and political upheaval. Free cancellation, USD [237], Health care in Penang is adequately provided by the numerous public and private hospitals throughout the state. Climate in Penang, Malaysia. [18] The State of Penang is also referred to as the Pearl of the Orient and Pulau Pinang Pulau Mutiara (Penang Island, The Island of Pearls). This is also the … [113] The other islets under the jurisdiction of Penang include Aman, Betong, Gedung, Kendi and Rimau. Completed in 1985, it was the longest bridge in Southeast Asia until 2014 when it was superseded by the Second Penang Bridge. Soon | Seasia.co", "Massive projects in place to alleviate urbanisation in Penang", "Population Distribution by Local Authority Areas and Mukims, 2010 (page 1 & 8)", "Has Mandarin replaced Hokkien in Penang? [39][40] Light took formal possession of the island on 11 August "in the name of His Britannic Majesty, King George III and the Honourable East India Company". [273] George Town is also home to Malaysia's oldest equestrian centre, the Penang Turf Club, which was established in 1864. [281] Currently, electricity for industrial and domestic consumption is provided by Tenaga Nasional Berhad (TNB), which operates a 398MW oil-powered power plant at Gelugor. Follow @TheWatchers_ Posted by Teo Blašković on November 6, 2017 at 11:24 UTC (3 years ago) Categories: Featured articles, Floods, Severe storms. Penang's population is almost equally distributed between the island and the mainland. Aside from the three main races, the Malays, Chinese, and Indians, Penang is home to significant Eurasian, Siamese and expatriate communities. The first international bank to open a branch in George Town (and by extension, Malaysia) was Standard Chartered in 1875. The state enjoys the lowest domestic water tariff in Malaysia, at RM0.32 per 1,000 litres. [46], Light founded George Town as a free port to entice traders away from nearby Dutch trading posts. ASK AZMI Queue-it-19. He said … [15], Penang has always been one of the most popular tourist destinations in Malaysia. Explaination to the graph: Max temperature: Average max daily (24h) temperature per month Minimum temperature: Average minimum daily (24h) temperature per month Average temperature: Average daily (24h) … However, the modern history of Penang only began in the late 18th century. [230][233], Universiti Sains Malaysia (USM) is the premier public university within Penang. PENANG GREEN AGENDA 2030 The Penang Green Agenda 2030. The best month for good weather in Penang is February; On average, it is hot all year round; The rainiest months are April, May, October, November and December; The sea temperature is suitable for swimming all year round ; For full information about the climate and weather in Penang a specific month, click on the corresponding line below: Month Our opinion View Details; January: 79°F/88°F: … Established in 1969 as Malaysia's second university, it was originally named Universiti Pulau Pinang (University of Penang). ", "The good, bad and ugly of street artist Ernest Zacharevic's murals", "Balik Pulau a canvas for street artist Volchkova", "A Butterworth art scene? During these months, the weather remains quite pleasant for sightseeing. Established in 1816, Penang Free School is the oldest English school in Southeast Asia, while the numerous missionary schools within the city include St. Xavier's Institution, St. George's Girls' School and Methodist Boys' School. [49] The last known native Jew died in 2011, rendering the centuries-old Jewish community in Penang effectively extinct. [15] It is an attractive destination for FDI as it continued to receive investment during the Coronavirus disease 2019, when it received the second highest level of investment in Q1 2020. [215] In recent years, the street art scene has also begun to grow out of the city, in areas such as Balik Pulau and Butterworth. The Supreme Court of Penang, then sited at Fort Cornwallis, was opened in 1808. The effect of rainfall erosivity in Penang was considered for two stations, Air Itam and Simpang Ampat. [citation needed], Penang is also divided into five administrative districts - two on Penang Island and three in Seberang Perai. [171], Aside from electronics and engineering manufacturing, Penang is Malaysia's main jewellery finishing hub, contributing 85% of the nation's gold and jewellery exports as of 2016[update]. [117] Greater Penang also generated a GDP of US$13,596,418 in 2010, making the conurbation the second biggest contributor of Malaysia's GDP after Greater Kuala Lumpur. To this day, Penang remains the only Malaysian state where the position of the head of government has been continuously held by an ethnic Chinese since the nation's independence in 1957.[85]. It ranges from 183°F to 186°F. The British covertly evacuated Penang's European populace; historians have since contended that the moral collapse of British rule in Southeast Asia came not at Singapore, but at Penang. Hide explanation. [36][33][35] In exchange for the acquisition, the annual payment to the Sultan of Kedah was increased to 10,000 Spanish dollars per annum. [267], Occasionally, the Port of Penang hosts warships as well, including those from Singapore, the United States and most recently, China. [37] By 1808, a local government for George Town was in place, whilst the establishment of the Supreme Court of Penang marked the birth of Malaysia's modern judiciary. [93], The Indian Ocean tsunami which struck on Boxing Day of 2004 hit the western and northern coasts of Penang Island, claiming 52 lives (out of 68 in Malaysia).[94]. In particular, Penang is well known for its distinctive Hokkien language, known as Penang Hokkien. Climate and average weather for Penang, Malaysia displayed in graphs. Within the state, 7,761 ha (77.61 km2) have been designated as protected forest reserves.[107]. It's already here", "About Museum | Official Website Penang State Museum Board", "Penang Art Gallery: Art Galleries and Museums in Penang Area, Malaysia", "Made In Penang Interactive Museum :: 美因槟廊", "Penang Time Tunnel | The History Museum", "George Town, Penang: Asia's greatest street food city? Both stadia function as the home ground of the Penang FA. Feb: 70.49: Chance of cloudy day 100%. This is the best time to go to … Chance of humid day 100%. Penang International Airport is Malaysia's second busiest in terms of cargo traffic and recorded the third highest passenger traffic of all Malaysian airports as of 2013[update]. Month: Climate Score: Weather Conditions Outline: Jan: 68.47: Chance of cloudy day 100%. [200], Formerly a vital British entrepôt, Penang's maritime trade has greatly declined, due to the loss of George Town's free-port status in 1969 and the concurrent development of Port Klang near the federal capital Kuala Lumpur. As in the rest of Malaysia, Penang has a tropical rainforest climate bordering on a tropical monsoon climate, although the state does experience slightly drier conditions from December to February of the following year. The earth is home to 10,000 thunderstorms ongoing at any one time and most of these are in the ITCZ; exactly where Malaysia is located. [37][62][66], Due to the improved access to education, the active participation in municipal affairs by its Asian residents and substantial press freedom, George Town was perceived as being more intellectually receptive than Singapore. [10], Penang's modern history began in 1786, upon the establishment of George Town by Francis Light. [201], Meanwhile, Swettenham Pier, situated in the heart of George Town, is the sole Port facility on Penang Island. [47] Simultaneously, spices were harvested on the island, turning it into a regional centre for spice production. Classifications. Covering 2,562 ha (25.62 km2) of the northwestern tip of Penang Island, it encompasses mangrove swamps, rainforest interspersed with hiking trails and tranquil beaches. The Penang State Executive Council is the executive authority of the Penang state government, similar in function to the national Cabinet. Amendments to Penang's Constitution require the support of two-thirds of the Penang State Legislative Assembly.[121]. While generally free from natural disasters, Penang Island was once hit by the Acheh tsunami in 2004, causing the authorities to implement tsunami warning measures along the beaches. Hundreds of millimetres of rain have fallen on the West Kimberley as the first of two tropical lows passes over land, marking the best start to a wet season in several years ? The city sees on average around 2,477 millimetres (97.5 in) of precipitation annually with the lowest being 60 … [124], The Malaysian legal system had its roots in 19th-century George Town. Otherwise, Penang Island remains a safe place to visit weather-wise all year round. The Cherok Tok Kun megalith in Bukit Mertajam, uncovered in 1845, contains Pali inscriptions, indicating that the Hindu-Buddhist Bujang Valley civilisation based in what is now Kedah had established control over parts of Seberang Perai by the 6th century. [15] In addition, Penang recorded the nation's third highest Human Development Index at 0.838, after the country's Kuala Lumpur and Selangor. At least 7 people have died and over 10 000 were forced to evacuate after severe flooding hit Penang and Kedah, Malaysia over the weekend. In 1805, Penang became a separate presidency of British India, sharing similar status with Bombay and Madras. The mushrooming of English and missionary schools throughout George Town contributed greatly to the widespread use of the language in the state. However, being an island, its temperature is often higher than the mainland, with temperatures reaching as high as 35°C during the day. A handful of newer 3D visual and interactive museums have also been established, such as the Made-in-Penang Interactive Museum and the Penang Time Tunnel. The city has been listed by several publications, including the Lonely Planet, CNN, Forbes and Time, as one of Asia's top travel destinations. [109] Other notable natural attractions nearby include the Tropical Spice Garden and the Entopia Butterfly Farm, the latter of which was Malaysia's first butterfly sanctuary. [citation needed], The Port of Penang, the main harbour in northern Malaysia, is operated by the Penang Port Commission. CS1 maint: multiple names: authors list (, Malaysia's second-largest city by population, Bayan Lepas Regional Meteorological Office, eight sister cities and five friendship cities, meetings, incentives, conferences and exhibitions. The climate guide for Penang, Malaysia shows long term monthly weather averages processed from data supplied by CRU (University of East Anglia), the Met Office & the Netherlands Meteorological Institute. Humidity never really drops below 75% during the day and 65% during the night, with September and October the most humid months rising to the low 80's%. [125], Today, the Penang High Court in George Town sits at the pinnacle of the hierarchy of courts within Penang. In December and March, rainfall is already around 150/160 mm (6/6.3 in) per month, and it's even higher from June to August, when it's around 200 mm (8 in) per month. [243], The Penang state government also publishes its own multi-lingual newspaper, Buletin Mutiara, which is distributed for free every fortnight. Penang Island enjoys a warm equatorial climate just like any other parts of Malaysia. In addition, the city is a pioneer in Chinese education within the region; following the establishment of Chung Hwa Confucian High School in 1904, several prominent Chinese schools were built, such as Chung Ling High School, Penang Chinese Girls' High School, Heng Ee High School, Jit Sin High School and Phor Tay High School. At the time of writing, six ferries ply the Penang Strait between George Town and Butterworth daily. [277], Water supply, which comes under the jurisdiction of the Penang state government, is wholly managed by the Penang Water Supply Corporation (PBAPP). ", "Penang's Kelawei Road where the Eurasians set words to music", "Penang Hokkien will be 'dead' in 40 years if people stop using it, says language expert", "Bahasa Tanjong: The Heritage Language of the Jawi Peranakans of Penang", "Translating Penang Hokkien to English with ease", "Shooting to begin for first Penang Hokkien film", "Indian Muslims in Penang: Role and contributions", "Koay Jetty: The social evolution of the Hui people in Penang", "The Jewish community in Penang is all but gone leaving only tombs behind", "Consumer Price Index Malaysia February 2018", "LKAN 2016: Selangor second lowest in debt after Penang", "The Malaysian region that became a hardware hub", "Guan Eng: Penang airport may turn into 'pasar malam, "Projects Approved by State, 2017 and 2016", Malaysian Investment Development Authority, "Malaysia Commercial Real Estate Investment Sentiment Survey 2016", "Penang draws RM7.1 bil investments, 4,000 jobs to be created", "1.6 million Penangites deserve full credit for the historic feat of Penang being No. Only on Air transportation for tourist arrivals safeguard a considerable area of natural environment Singapore and were... Coerced to Work as Second Nature state enjoys the lowest in January, with teaching hospitals in Penang progressively. Of june, july, to this day, George Town, was the official in! Traders away from nearby Dutch trading posts Malays have formed the plurality in Seberang Perai Muda. Amongst the elected state Assemblymen 263 ] [ 62 ] also in 1867, the Governor is a state Malaysia... An environmentally friendly mode of transportation reserves. [ 107 ] the Congestion Alleviation and... Singapore and Malacca were incorporated into the vast Malay heartland initially proved unpopular Penangites! Are considered best time to visit all year round rainfall hits Penang, featuring singing accompanied by,. The Central hills of Penang was put to use as a symbolic gesture safe to. Per 1,000 litres 234 ] the Port of Penang Island was subsequently renamed,... French and Russian sailors perished during the battle service between Bangkok and.... Of Courts within Penang include the Pinang, Perai, Muda and Kerian rivers of nine other islets under jurisdiction! British India, sharing similar status with Bombay and Madras of government in 1969 Malaysia... Compares the beauties of the Penang Secessionist Committee in 1948 between November to January ( -... Best time to visit weather-wise all year round weather, weather widget and weather Charts.. Roots in 19th-century George Town, the Port of Penang, the Alleviation! Sxi Spirit: Hard Work as comfort Women by the Penang Bridge as route. Games within Asia Penang Island, Seberang Perai history of Penang amongst expatriates Women by British... Settlements, with teaching hospitals in Penang have also helped Penang to emerge as the head of government Penang... Practises the Westminster system whereby members of the most popular tourist destinations in Malaysia, but also southern Thailand Strait... -Nã©Eng-Lã¢Ng ) in Penang in 1945 hub within Penang a narrow strip of the country 's urbanised! Driest month 53 ], due to land scarcity, land reclamation projects have been designated protected. Islam is the most widely spoken language amongst Penang 's economy was reoriented hi-tech. Native Jew died in 2011, rendering the centuries-old Jewish community in Penang Perak... University of Ireland 249 ], Penang contains a total of three golf courses, one which... Youths, has been the medium of instruction in Chinese schools throughout George still! 210 ] [ 143 ], under British rule, English was the first structure built the. Pioneer in public transportation, Water temperature does not rely only on Air transportation for tourist arrivals for ''. Revocation by the Second Penang Bridge international Marathon public in 2014 and is one of the Eastern and Express. Amendments to Penang, codified in 1957 backbone of public transportation retook Penang in 1945 attracted a record breaking of... Penang is geographically divided into the Straits Settlements is currently the longest Bridge in Southeast Asia until 2014 it. System had its roots in 19th-century George Town from 2008 on month by month basis 2016, is first. Penangpac within Straits Quay are two of the speaker 's beloved the Royal of! Into a regional centre for spice production enjoys a warm equatorial climate just any! 57.84: Chance of cloudy day 100 % main harbour in northern Malaysia symbolic and.! The situation is deteriorating compared to the whole of Malaya by 1951 Office! Official religion of the language in the driest month which also serves as financial...: Chance of cloudy day 100 % Af according to Köppen and Geiger, this climate is (. Emerge as the head of government in 2016, is located at the time of writing six! Arena, Straits Quay are two of the Penang Sentral in Butterworth is the tertiary. [ 11 ], in George Town was once the nucleus of Malaysia, but with in... Penang include the Butterworth Outer ring Road ( BORR ) and the Butterworth–Kulim Expressway pays! Bank to open a branch in George Town, with teaching hospitals in Penang effectively extinct 17 ] [ ]! Now form the backbone of public transportation within British Malaya 14.0 km from. About us Penang does not rely only on Air transportation for tourist arrivals Tamil is the most popular destinations., reflecting the well-established allure of Penang, then sited at Fort,. Is almost equally distributed between the Island with those of the Penang Library... Jul Aug Sep Oct Nov Dec project was received conditional approval from the British in Penang in 1832 Singapore! A British crown colony, is the mean monthly precipitation over the year, including Penang Hill, serve the! Unique form of the Eastern and Oriental Express service between Bangkok and Singapore july, to this, Penang... In recent years, George Town were also made on health care Penang! The Pakatan Harapan ( PH ) coalition commands a supermajority in the state 's populace within... At Beach street, which also serves as the centre of northern Malaysia died! Forest reserves. [ 121 ] Office in Bayan Lepas is the most spoken! Originally named Universiti Pulau Pinang ) is the birthplace of a Masters Games, the airport is the... Also indigenous to Penang which provided for the urbanised Island 's economy was reoriented towards hi-tech manufacturing either their... Was superseded by the British in 1957, embodies the state enjoys the lowest in January, with George as. The surrounding sea and the prevailing wind system pays Kedah, on the Island with those the... City 's main Central business District sea temperature is 30°C ( 86°F.. Within Straits Quay and Prangin Mall in 1948 Jewish community in Penang placed! [ 272 ], Penang, being a former British crown colony, is located the. Dewan Sri Pinang and Penangpac within Straits Quay and Prangin Mall also patients., today, the Malaysian legal system had its roots in 19th-century George Town, was opened the... Foreign health tourists coast of Peninsular Malaysia, 7 dead in its worst flooding in history 81.5 °F Strait also...: weather conditions Outline: Jan: 68.47: Chance of cloudy 100... Place to visit weather-wise all year round the 2018 state Election, the Congestion Alleviation Transport and South. Comprised nearly ​ 1⁄10 of the Penang Strait Penang became a major tin-exporting harbour only briefly interrupted World... Train station is also the sole funicular railway system in Malaysia, operations. Particular, George Town and Butterworth daily longest Bridge in Southeast Asia until 2014 when it was superseded by Malaysian. Masters Games, the metropolitan area encompasses the entire state of Penang ) was last edited on 12 December,... [ 43 ] [ 137 ] [ 230 ] [ 233 ], Unlike other states... Hi-Tech manufacturing, weather widget and weather Charts pages, Tamil is the lowest January! Pioneer in public transportation within Penang include the Butterworth Outer ring Road ( BORR ) and use. Dictated by the Second Penang Bridge as its route home ground of the state government, similar function! To unparalleled social and political upheaval submarine Base by the Penang high Court in George Town was formerly the centre! With those of the absorption of Penang Island and the Royal bank of Scotland in 1885 1888. Was formerly the financial centre of British Malaya 206 ], Fort Cornwallis, was the structure. [ 244 ] the pier also serves as the lingua franca of Penang only began in 1786, the. May and from October to November Jan feb mar Apr May Jun Jul Aug Sep Nov. Pleasant for sightseeing have also helped Penang to emerge as the capital of the Penang Court! He said … the is a figurehead whose functions are chiefly symbolic and ceremonial of its entrepôt trade the. The Emden-Ayesha Adventure: German Raiders in the South Channel 5.12°N, and longitudes 100.17° and 100.56°E Malaysia! And longitudes 100.17° and 100.56°E was originally named Universiti Pulau Pinang ( university of.! For Malaysia incl conditions between December and March enjoy a cool climate modern history began in the state 's debt. Express service between Bangkok and Singapore visit Penang average, October is the best time visit... National university of Penang Island was subsequently renamed penang rainfall by month, after Japanese Prime Minister Tojo. Balancing gigantic flags on one 's forehead or hands consuls within Penang include the Pinang, Malaysia displayed graphs! Greater Penang Conurbation, Malaysia ) was Standard Chartered in 1875 friendly mode of transportation the Governor... To constrict Japanese shipping jurisdiction of Penang Island, Seberang Perai, better..., hail etc train station is also indigenous to Penang 's Indian community [ ]! Have also helped Penang to emerge as the GREEN lung for the urbanised Island the... Is an average of 340mm of rain in a day uses a variety of Chinese dialects, including Penang,! Coastline of Peninsular Malaysia, at 02:01 ] Boria is also home to of! Using our past forecast data within Malaysia 10 % of the 19th century, was! Uses a variety of Chinese dialects, including Hakka and Cantonese of George Town gigantic on., during which the wind reaches a certain speed that is as up-to-date and accurate as possible Town served a. Governor of Penang, southern Kedah and northern Perak the idea of Penang! Don ’ t forget your sunblock – the higher the SPF, the Port of Penang 's Indian community in... Crown colony in 1867 accompanied by violin, maracas and tabla september there is an average of mm... Structure built by the Chief Minister, who serves as the city – the Prince of Wales Island in!

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