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Express, Explore, Transform
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Soul Work Sessions with Jelena are creative, therapeutic and empowering. Via a custom blend of; art therapy, client centred counselling, guided meditation, empowering techniques, intuitive guidance and energetic work (including energy healing, reiki, chakra balancing, smudging, crystal therapy, colour therapy, meditation and animal totem medicine), these sessions help you to gain greater clarity with who you really are, where you are at and where you want to be. When you access, connect with and express your true self, you go beyond the mask of everyday living and enter the realm of authenticity. It is in this space you gain deeper access to your innate wisdom, insights, messages and guidance from your soul (and the opportunity to explore their meaning) and experience growth and shifts in perspectives, thereby opening up to deeper healing and the transformation of your inner and outer worlds.

Whether you are contemplating life choices, seeking holistic therapy, needing to release old ways, embarking on a new path or wanting to get to know yourself better Soul Work Sessions meet you to assist you where you are at. Wherever you may be along your life journey, these sessions help to peel away the proverbial onion skin layers to uncover, access and connect deeper to your authentic self ~ it is the guide to your highest potential, healing and wholeness.

about the facilitator

Jelena works with the principle you are the keeper of your answers, innate healing and inner wisdom. Extending on the teachings of her mum and energy worker Miki Mrkich (1951-2002), Jelena has studied various creative and healing modalities and holds a Transpersonal Art Therapy diploma and Reiki II & Colour Therapy I certificates. During 2008-09 Jelena facilitated over one hundred soul sessions and energy healings at Namaste Inner Light Healing Centre on Sydney's northern beaches. With a passion for utilising creative and earthy tools including, essences, elements, chakras, crystals, colour and animal totems, Jelena's current work merges her awareness, skills and experience to facilitate soul nourishing and self empowering sessions, classes and workshops. More about Jelena.



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