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  what is art therapy?
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Express, Explore, Transform
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Creativity is a transformative energy, it can help you with where you are at, if you are willing to be present to it, and open you up to what is there for you right now. Transpersonal art therapy consciously works with this to assist you to live a more authentic life. But what exactly is art therapy?

Art therapy is a creative expansion and transformational exploration of who you really are. Via artistic methods, creative processes, empowering techniques, client centred counselling and a healing approach it is a therapeutic modality that assists you to go beyond the surface of your everyday self and life to uncover, connect with and express your authentic self. I
t is a way to strengthen the communication and connection between your conscious & sub conscious self; your waking & sleep/dream states and your inner & outer experiences. In turn creating the space for you to tap into, access and explore your innate wisdom, inner guidance and messages from your soul. The transpersonal aspect looks beyond the mask. It a path toward self realisation, it is soul work that also considers the mind, body and emotions. Drawing upon art and creativity as tools for expression not impression. Tapping into an abundant pool of creative elements including painting, journalling, myth, storytelling, symbol, imagery, dreams, meditation, drumming, dance, ritual and more, art therapy it is not about creating a professional masterpiece, it is about expressing from your authentic self, from your heart centre.

Whether you are contemplating life choices, embarking on a new path, in the middle of a crisis or wanting to get to know yourself better transpersonal art therapy assists you wherever you are at on your personal journey and life path.



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