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Welcome to Way of Your Vortex!

So much appreciation to all those who embarked on the Sneak Preview Session of Way of Your Vortex. Such a delight to have peeps in the online circle gathered from Australia, England, Latvia, New Zealand, Scotland and the U.S. Woo and thank you!

Are YOU ready to join the journey of feeling your best yet?

Next session begins Monday March 21, 2016. 


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I'm so excited to reveal this new online journey assisting you in amping up your feel-goodness within you and your life!

There is no limit to how good you can feel, you boundless being of pure positive energy, you. 

When you feel good from within, you sync up with more of what feels good to you. 

Two years ago I found myself out of sync with me. I called in all I knew and opened to new ways of being to sync up with who I am in my most powerful way yet: giving myself permission to feel good, regardless of conditions. 

Now when I move through experiences of not feeling good, where this used to see me doubt my inner knowing, feel anxiety and feel bad for not feeling good, my inner world now holds these experiences in a self-loving way and sees them in a whole new light. As empowering allies in clarifying what I do want, dissolving the false need to rebel against aka amplify them.

The practice of feeing good positively shifts the relationship with all that you feel. 

I believe we always know what we feel; what feels right for us or not, what feels on track or what feels off, what rings true for us and what feels false, and what resonates with our being and what is in dissonance.

Even when we think we don't know. 

How you feel, what you are creating and what is showing up on your path is in perfect alignment with your vibe at any given time.

When your vibe is lower, as Abraham-Hicks the masters of all things vortex teach us, you are pinching yourself off from the source within you or as I like to call it your inner knowing. This offers up resistance to what you really do want, and the more attention you give it the more momentum it gains.... the more you find yourself bumping up against what you don't want. This isn't wrong or bad, it's an experience and a clarifying one at that. Because when you get what you don't want, you become even more clear with what you do.

When your vibe is higher, you have direct access to the ever-present source within you and your inner knowing. Your inner knowing knows precisely where you are at and is ever-communicating where you are in relation to what you are wanting. When your vibe is higher you are allowing in what you do want... and the more attention you give it the more momentum it gains.... the more you find yourself experiencing what you want for yourself and your life.

We oscillate from high to low to high without needing to know a thing about our personal vibe or what a vortex is. When the vibe we emit is left up to the wind or dependant on our external reality, from this space when good things happen it can seem they happen by chance, luck or coincidence. 

Until we realise...

We are the creators of our vibe.

You get to choose your vibe every day.

In our energy-based Universe, everything has it's own vibe going on.

You as 'you' in your physical body have your vibe going on.

Your inner knowing aka your inner self/ higher self/ the source within you has its vibe going on too.

So do all the good things you desire for yourself and your life.

Your inner knowing and what you really do want are in sync all day, every day. The are thriving.... in your vortex.

When you feel good you are in alignment with you.
To be in alignment is to be in your vortex.
To be in your vortex is to allow what you do want to find you.

Way of Your Vortex teaches you in practical yet creative ways how to sync up with your vortex.

It's all about how you feel.

The more you consciously choose to be in your vortex the more easeful it becomes to realign whenever you are out of your vortex.

The more you allow yourself to be in your vortex for longer periods of time, the less 'out' you need to feel in order to choose to realign.

The more you practice feeling good and being in sync with your vortex, watch out, that's when people wonder "what are they having for breakfast!". 

It is delicious.

Join me on this 21 day online guided journey to uncover your personal practice of feeling good.

Way of Your Vortex draws from my own personal practice of feeling good. It birthed out of my desire to reveal in an easeful, uplifting and playful way what brings me into alignment and helps me to create the space to be in my vortex - and play there as a way of life - without needing anyone or anything 'out there' to be different or to change.

Inspired by my love of ancient self-empowering rituals and using creativity as a tool for transformation, in Way of the Vortex you will work with the medicine wheel in a unique way to help you:

Instantly decode your vibrational indicators.
Tune into how you feel about anything going on within you, for you or around you.
Tap into the accurate guidance of your inner knowing.
Ease your way up and out of not feeling good whenever you find yourself there and wanting to shift it.
Allow more feel-goodness within you and your life.
Be a perfect match with your highest desires and your ever-expanding vortex.

I'm eager to embark on this journey with you, as you uncover your own personal practice of feeling good. 

I believe we are born to feel good, that our highest desires are deliberate and felt by us in order to be made manifest in our world. I believe it is in feeling good and being in sync with our vortex that we release the false need to control, hurt or harm our own selves and everything else, including our loved ones, our family of humanity, Mama Earth and the creatures that share this planet with us.

So much thanks for choosing to read these words. 

And if this journey is calling you, is resonating with you, has you feeling curious or saying "Yes!", or "This sounds like what I need" or is a perfect match for where you are at, fill in your details via the form below to be notified when registration for 2016 opens!

How it works:

For 21 days you will be guided through simple yet profound empowering processes and creative prompts to uncover your own personal practice of feeling good. 

You will receive:

Daily posts delivered straight to your inbox for 21 days, which will include empowering processes, creative prompts and inspirations.  

Access to an online community of like-minded people from across the world where you will be able to share your course experience - and cheer each other along in a safe and supportive way. Optional though recommended.

Live support from Jelena (she will be active in the online community space during the duration of the course).

A pdf of the course content following the end of the class.

Question time:

Is this course for me?
Do I need to be creative or arty to do this course?
Is this an art course? 
For the answers please see the course f.a.q.


March 2016. 

Materials + Requirements:

A sketch book (or blank journal)
A pen, pastels (or pencils) 
Materials for collaging (old magazines, scissors and glue). 
You will also need a computer and high speed internet connection to access course content and join the online community.:



Be notified when registration opens:

Your Name: 
Your Email:

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